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Entreés - Vegetarian

Aloo Ki Chatpati Chaat

Lightly spiced potato cutlets fi nished with chickpeas & topped with a combination of yoghurt, mint & tamarind chutney
$  12.90

Punjabi Pakora (V)

Crisp deep fried croquets of onion, mix-veggies & spinach made in traditional Punjabi style
$  11.90

Veg Manchurian (V)

Crispy veggie balls sautéed with mild spices, dipped in a tangy sauce.
$  14.90

Chilli Paneer

Cottage cheese cubes sautéed with mild spices, dipped in a tangy sauce
$  14.90

Street Side Samosas

Potatoes, green peas & spices wrapped in a homemade pastry
$  8.90

Entreés - Non-Vegetarian

Chicken 65

A tangy street speciality from South India, chicken chunks fl avoured with spices & tossed with shallots & curry leaves
$  14.90

Afghani Chicken (GF)

Spiced with green cardamom, cream & garlic that simply melts in your mouth. Mouthwatering!
$  14.90

Lahori Fish

Marinated in flavourful Punjabi spices, carom seeds & chickpea flour garnished with our freshly made in house sauce
$  16.90

Chilli Garlic Prawns

Juicy kings prawns in a sweet, spicy and garlicky sauce. A serious flavour punch!
$  17.90

Lamb Cutlets (GF)

Marinated in chef’s own aromatic spices & grilled in tandoor
$  14.90

KINGS XI Platter for 2

Samosa, Punjabi Pakora, Lamb Cutlets, Afghani Chicken
$  24.90

Smokey Tandoori Chicken (GF)

(with bones) Marinated in traditional spices & yoghurt, smoke roasted in a fiercely hot tandoori oven, garnished with mint sauce
$  15.90

Mains - Chicken

Butter Chicken (Chefs Special) (Mild)

The godfather of all Punjabi dishes. Tandoor-grilled tikka of chicken, simmered in satin smooth tomato gravy, rich in cashew & dried fenugreek
$  19.90

Chicken Korma (Mild)

Korma is a popular choice of the “khansamas” (cooks) of India. Mild in fl avour featuring piquant spices & thickened with cashew and a dash of cream
$  19.90

Mango Chicken (Mild)

A blend of delicate mango with the richness of coconut & cream gives this curry its distinctively vibrant fl avour. An Aussie family favourite!
$  19.90

Achari Chicken (Medium)

A dish that is made with all the spices one would normally use in an Indian pickle. Has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!
$  19.90

Kadahi Chicken (Mild)

Served along with big chunky pieces of onion, capsicum & tomatoes. A beautiful combination of strong fl avours & spices
$  19.90

Chicken Saag (Medium)

Richly fl avoured dish from the Northern part of India. Cooked with fresh English spinach, fenugreek & a dash of cream
$  19.90

Pepper Chicken (Medium)

Chicken cooked with zatar flavours & tempered with onions, tomatoes & crushed black pepper simmered in coconut milk
$  19.90

Mains - Goat

Patiala Goat (Medium) (Chefs Special)

Prime cut of spring goat pieces pot roasted with Indian whole spices, red onion along with a drizzle of lemon & fresh coriander
$  20.90

Mains - Lamb

Lamb Rogan Josh (Mild)

Blend of exotic spices from Kashmir & an irresistaible combination of ground onions, coriander seeds and cinnamon gives this dish a rich & distinctive taste.
$  20.90

Lamb Korma (Mild)

Traditional North-West Indian recipe of tender lamb braised in onion, tomato & cashew curry flavoured with green cardamon & fennel
$  20.90

Nawabi Lamb Shank (Dine in only) (Mild) (Chefs Special)

An extremely popular dish from Indian subcontinent. Leg of Lamb cooked overnight which results in an extremely tender morsels of meat, including the flavourful bone marrow in a medium hot sauce. Truly fit for a King!
$  25.90

Lamb Pepper Masala (Medium)

Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with zatar fl avours and tempered with onions, tomatoes & crushed black pepper simmered in coconut milk
$  20.90

Mains - Beef

Beef Vindaloo (Spicy)

Some like it hot! This fi ery & popular dish originated in Goa, in the south of India. Slow cooked with hot spices & chillies with a hint of vinegar.
$  18.90

Bombay Beef (Mild)

Slow cooked to perfection with aromatic flavours of the east, with sliced onions & baby potatoes. Guarantees melting tender beef.
$  18.90

Mains - Seafood

Prawn Malabari (Mild)

A South Indian delicacy. Very subtle ‘Malabar’ style curry with coconut milk tempered with mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves & a hint of lemon
$  22.90

Amritsari Fish Curry (Mild)

Named after the city where it originated, our version of fresh fi sh fi llets cooked in an onion sauce with fresh coriander & fenugreek, famous for its old-style fi sh curry
$  22.90

Goan Fish Curry (Medium)

Delicious fish curry cooked Goan-style with tumeric & finely diced tomato in a rich cream base flavoured with garlic, coconut & roasted chillies
$  22.90

Mains - Vegetarian

Daal Makhani (Mild)

Famous from the Sindh region of India, black lentils & kidney beans cooked & tempered with fenugreek & a dash of cream
$  15.90

Soya Chaap Masala (V) (Medium)

Soya chunks delicately cooked with a hint of garlic, ginger & onions, caressed with the softness of homemade tangy masala
$  16.90

Daal Tadka (V) (Medium)

Traditional ‘Mung Daal’ also commonly know as yellow lentils, cooked on slow heat & tempered with fresh garlic, ginger, onions & tomatoes
$  15.90

Navratan Korma (Mild)

The best Korma in town! A delectable assortment of vegetable in a semi-sweet, rich intense gravy burgeoning with cashew paste & cream sharpened with fennel
$  15.90

Palak Paneer (Medium)

Vegetarian’s Delight! Indian cottage cheese cubes in a smooth, creamed English spinach base, delicately fi nished with fresh herbs
$  17.90

Handi Paneer (Medium)

Delectable combination of cottage cheese cubes with coarsely crushed aromatic spices, stir fried with colourful bell peppers, onions & coated in a spicy tomato base
$  17.90

Bhindi Do Pyaza (V) (Mild)

Fresh handpicked okra, stir fried and cooked with chunks of onions & tomatoes in Chef’s secret fusion of masala
$  18.90

Malai Kofta (Mild)

Deep fried paneer and vegetable dumplings cooked in rich and creamy tomato gravy
$  18.90



Relish in India’s most famous dish, Hyderabadi Biryani, with enticing fl avours of spices & herbs would defi nitely stimulate you to try this special concoction of basmati rice, mint, saffron and rose water layered with steamed meat/vegetable slow cooked over a very low fl ame. Served with raita & boiled egg. Choose from:
Chicken, Lamb, Goat or Vegetable (V)
$  19.90


Basmati Rice

$  3.50

Tumeric Rice with jeera & green peas

$  6.50

Kashmiri Pulao

$  7.50

Kings XI Assorted Breads

Plain Naan

Sumptuous flatbread expertly baked against the walls of the tandoor infused with a pat of butter topped with sesame seeds
$  3.50

Garlic Naan

Soft, stretchy, and garlicky bread that you will love tearing and can’t stop eating
$  4.00

Cheese Naan

Flatbread stuffed with cheese and baked till the cheese oozes out
$  4.00

Chicken & Cheese Naan

Stuffed with succulent chicken pieces and mozarella cheese, baked in a tandoor
$  5.00

Combo Naan

Best of both worlds! Cheese & freshly chopped garlic
$  4.50

Masala Kulcha

Stuffed with spiced onion, potatoes & snow peas
$  4.50

Bullet Naan - KINGS XI Specialty

Spread with chopped fresh chilli & onion
$  4.50

Methi Laccha Paratha

Crisp unleavened whole wheat bread
$  4.50

Tandoori Roti

Whole wheat flatbread cooked in the tandoor
$  3.50


Cucumber Raita

$  3.50

Kings Spring Salad

$  7.50

Onion & Green Chilli Salad

$  4.50

Mixed Pickle

$  2.50

Crispy Pappadums with mint sauce

$  3.00

Banquet Emperor’s Grand Feast

Minimum of 4 or more - $50 per person. Complimentary glass of house wine.

3 Entrees

Punjabi Pakora, Afghani Chicken, Lamb Cutlets

3 Mains

Any 3 curries except Nawabi Lamb Shank

Assorted Breads

Basmati Rice

Dessert Platter

Kings XI Indian Restaurant

Food for every Mood!

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